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Product List


  • Avoban 2% (20mg/g) 30gm Ointment
  • Avoban 2% (20mg/g) 3gm Ointment
  • Avocaine Spray 50ml
  • Avocom 0.05% Aqueous Nasal Spray 120ml
  • Avocom M Cream 30gm
  • Avomeb Ointment 30gm
  • Avomeb Ointment 50gm
  • Avotin A 0.05%(0.5mg/g) Cream 30gm
  • Butafyl 1% Cream 15gm
  • Exxara 8mg (mg/tablet) 20’s
  •  Prila Cream 5% Cream 30gm
  • Prila Cream 5% Cream 5gm
  • Rhinase 0.05% Aqueous Nasal Spray 120ml
  • Viroderm Cream 2gm
  • Xibax 120mg (120mg/tablet) 7’s
  • Xibax 60mg (60mg/tablet) 28’s
  • Xibax 90mg (90mg/tablet) 28’s


Manufactured by: Elpen Pharmaceutical Co, Greece(Mrtd by: Avalon Pharma)
  • Rolenium Elpenhaler(250+50mcg) 60 Single Strips
  • Rolenium Elpenhaler(500+50mcg) 60 Single Strips


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