Pharmashop24 Vending Machines

Pharmashop24 has been designing and manufacturing vending machines in Italy for more than 20 years. Thanks to the opportunities offered by new technologies and the ability to keep up with the evolving market needs, Pharmashop24 has now become a solid and a growing business.


Deep into MuscatPharma’s Pharmashop24

Pharmashop24 International History

From 2008 Pharmashop24 has entered the Pharmacy market of several countries, emerging as an international benchmark Company in its industry – right from the start.

Pharmashop24 UAE

Pharamshop24 UAE is a 24x7x365, Smart Pharmacy Vending Machine for Over the Counter (OTC) medicine.

Our vision is to use Technology and Innovation for Consumer well-being by providing Over The Counter (OTC) medicines to the customers with utmost ease and privacy.

Feature & Benefits

- 24x7x365 ATM for OTC: Off-The-Counter medication

-Pay by Cash or Card (Master/Visa)

-Absolute privacy

-Best products and brands

-Remote monitoring through web server

-Managed by Muscat Pharmaceutical Trading LLC with over 20 years’ experience in healthcare sector

Some of our key locations are:

Global Village, Government Buildings, Airports etc.  


-Dubai Ladies Club

Comfort and Convenience

Combining consumers’ demands for comfort and convenience with pharmacists’ needs, Pharmashop24 helped shaping the automatic distribution of health care products, becoming the most imitated dispenser in the last 10 years. With an ever-wider range of accurately exposed products, Pharmashop24 traditional vending machine has evolved from simple dispenser to interactive window. Easy to handle for both owners and consumers.

Latest Technology

Due to a broad selection of customized models equipped with the latest technology (touch screen, card readers, contactless devices, purchasing via mobile, web management etc.), our vending machines are the ideal solution for who would like to make the most of his business.

Innovation Beyond

Another step beyond: the vending machine can now be connected directly to Robots, with high communicative and promotional features, plus the Virtual window – a completely touch screen window.


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